I got this problem. Maybe some people just ignore about it but for me [ perfectionist maybe ] very particular about this thing.. so i worked it out until I got back my transparent desktop icons. Alhamdulillah.

How it could be happened ?
Because, I copied picture from word document to the desktop ! Huh.. so stupid,rite ???

So, the solution is ??
There is a few ways, but I've tried and this is the one can solve my problems..hehe

1. Right click at the desktop to to get 'display properties'

2. Under desktop tab, click 'customize desktop'

3. Then, choose web tab. If you have any web pages or html or documents that are checked in the web pages window, then the transperancy effects will not work. In other words, enabling active desktop disables the transperancy. Done !!!

This is the result !!!

p/s : Maaf grammar tak betoi, cubaan berani mati posting in English :)

Alhamdulillah, 26 Oct 09, presentation finished ! Quite a big task for this sem. If last sem, the big task was [ IMC ] . I felt release after finished the presentation :)

The task is about we're forming a group and pretend to be as a company. My class have four group [ juz small number of student, 17 students ]. So, we have four group/company which was :

1. Adfinity Advertising Agency
2. Istana Cake House
3. ICD Design
4. Season Hotel

Each group have one CEO. And I was the CEO for my company, adFinity. Each company have to present their new service or product and present it during the presentation day..

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